Belly and Baby Love | Danville, KY Maternity and Newborn Photographer

From their beautiful smiles, to their genuinely happy laughs, to their fabulous taste in music, to their kind hearts, and their parenting skills, this couple is one I have loved from the beginning. Their son C is funny and has great rhythm and has inherited that big beautiful smile and awesome taste in music. He is also an excellent big brother. When M came on the scene (in a hurry I might add...this baby wasn't wasting any time) he adapted to his role as brother like he'd been doing it his whole life. It's like M was always there. They all filled their roles with unconditional gentle love instantly. I have to add that I love any session that includes a dance party. Toddler dance parties are the best! 

Ignore the Christmas tree. It's not left over from Christmas, it's because I'm just now posting their maternity and newborn session from, oh, last year. 


I spy a tiny toddler hand coming to attack momma (upper left hand corner of next image).


I so love that they got this next image as their big picture. Aaawww.



Peace and so much love,