Looking for an additional intern!

I'm looking for an intern! I'm so excited to get this year going. Spring will be here before we know it and that's my second busiest time of year. My lovely intern, Emily, will be handling everything to do with orders, but I'll need someone to work with the daily ins and outs of the business. Here are some of the details. - I'll be looking for someone to come in once or twice a week for around 4 hours each day (shorter or longer as needed) for as long as you are available (I prefer to have someone here for a year or school year for school aged interns...sometimes one semester can be worked out) **Please note that I am in Lancaster, KY**

- You will receive one photo session from me with full printing privileges (Please note that there's not usually much time to teach photography, but you will have access to all of my resources and will get hands on experience with the crazy business side of things. Or you could just come along because you like being around pretty things and want a session!)

- I am looking for someone who is organized, dependable, loves people, loves kiddos, and has great communication skills. Bonus if you have experience with social media, Photoshop, and wordpress (but not mandatory).

- Some of the duties you'll be asked to help with are:

* Responding to client inquiries and booking sessions

* Managing workflow

* Updating client files and online client information

* Creating client slideshows

* Marketing/mailings

If you're interested, please complete the form at http://www.priscillabphotography.com/blog/internshipapplication/ or contact me at priscilla@priscillabphotography.com.