Sweetness and Love Between Sisters | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Family Photographer}

You know that feeling when you talk to someone over the phone and over email and you hit it off...you love everything they say about their family...and then you meet them and they have one of the most beautiful families ever? Yeah...it's pretty awesome, especially when you get to spend a couple hours playing and exploring and watching their family interact...oh and photographing all of that. I loved all the time we spent together and knew I was capturing something special. Then I downloaded and looked at all of the pictures on my computer and fell in love all over again. The sweetness and love that is between these two sisters is palpable. I couldn't get over how easily they showed that love in front of the camera. There's usually a little awkwardness at the beginning of a session, but not with this family. The first time I sat them in front of my camera, they just were...they were just themselves. That's always a beautiful site. 2013-11-19_00012013-11-19_00022013-11-19_00032013-11-19_00042013-11-19_00082013-11-19_00052013-11-19_00092013-11-19_00152013-11-19_00072013-11-19_00062013-11-19_00102013-11-19_00122013-11-19_00132013-11-19_0014

Peace and so much love,