Those Who "Get" Me | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Family Photographer}

  God has given me a multitude of gifts in this life, perhaps none more precious to me than the handful of people who make me feel a sense of belonging. The ones that I know I fit with. We are completely in sync. They don't make me feel crazy for my craziness...they make me feel normal or at least loved because of it. They give me a sense of ease. I am fully and completely myself when I'm with them. I know that no matter what this life throws at me, they have got my back. I think it's important to have these people in our lives. They make up the strongest part of our net. We all need a net.

There are two people who know me better than I know myself sometimes and that is Bret and, my best friend, Andrea. We've known each other since Elementary school and been best friends since high school. She is there for me when no ones can be...when I just can't let any one else in. She always knows exactly what to say. I always feel so whole when they are around. That feeling is even more so since my little man was born. I love seeing the way they all interact with him. We are all one big happy family. He fits right in there. He's obvious he loves them as much as I do. What warms my heart even more than that is it's obvious that they love him just as much. I want so many things for him, but to feel loved, to be loved, and to belong is one of my greatest wishes for him. That's a gift that no one can take away.

For this shoot, we went back to the location of our first "for real" shoot many many years ago, Talon Winery. This is also where Bret and I had our wedding reception. It has only gotten more beautiful over the years.

I have always loved sessions with them. The kiddos are completely at home with me and I them. I've always loved them like my own and just think they are two of the most awesome littles around.


Andrea and Brad have been together since high school, around the same time that Andrea and I became best friends. He's like a brother to me by this point. We have many many funny...hilarious...memories together. And, Brad, you know the one I'm laughing about right now.


My little man came along, but wasn't sure about the tall grass. All it took was B's hand, a cape, and Andrea's necklace ("I want dose beads") to encourage him along. He still wasn't sure and told Andrea "I'm done".



I'm cracking up how they were both holding their mouths the same.


She looks like a freakin teenager. When did this happen?


I gasped at these...


They are both so good with him and he loves them so.


J EVEN lets him play with his special toys! Wha!?!


Peace and so so so much love,