Stunning | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Photographer}

This weekend was truly filled with amazing moments and incredible sessions. When I load all sessions at once, I tend to end up working backwards with sneaks peek images. So the first up is actually the last one from the weekend. Well, as you can see, it was perfection. As they pulled away at the end of the session, the sun came out completely from the clouds and each and every tall weed became golden. I wanted so bad to just pull them back and get the kiddos out of the car and shoot some more. I was kicking myself for finishing before that last little bit of sun. But then I downloaded all of the images and remembered how much fun we had from throughout the entire session and how much joy they gave me to capture. You all don't understand how long it's taken me to narrow down this sneak peek to this. I can't imagine if I had taken more.

I briefly, awkwardly, mentioned to the momma at the end of the session that I found their family to be fascinating. It sounded completely weird at the time, because I do that...I say things and don't elaborate and then just sound crazy. What I meant to add was that momma and dad are both brilliant, the whole family is just stunning and striking, momma is taking figure skating classes, and it's so completely obvious how much they each soak in the moment. They didn't want posed, but they wanted true family moments of everyone being and loving and enjoying. They love the life they have. I say it's a pretty incredible one...


Peace and so much love,