Final Holiday/Fall Schedule | Priscilla Baierlein Photography

Hi all! I can't believe we are half way through October. This fall has already been breathtakingly beautiful and filled with so many special moments, both with my family and with each of you that I've seen. update...

If you would like a SIGNATURE SESSION for holiday cards/gifts, the remaining dates are very limited. Please see further down for a holiday schedule.

* I have a last minute opening for a SIGNATURE SESSION THIS Friday morning the 18th.

* Some things have been rearranged and I have a couple spots open for MINI SESSIONS Saturday the 26th at Gratz Park and ONE opening Sunday the 27th at Shaker Village.

* There is a SIGNATURE SESSION opening Friday morning November 1st and the evening of Sunday November 3rd. There are a few more remaining after that in November as well.

Holiday schedule:

* Holiday cards/prints: Guaranteed holiday delivery for sessions completed prior to November 4th...after that it gets dicey.

* For those of you who know you will be ordering the CD/Digital Files: Digital file online delivery guaranteed for sessions completed prior to November 13th

Moral of the story: If you would like a session and to see my smiley face behind the camera (you know you do!) this year...especially if you want to share with family and friends at the me as soon you can.

No post is complete without a picture, right? This is from what I know will be one of our last outdoor fires until spring. I love roasted marshmallows. Turns out, my son isn't so much of a fan. He took one bite and left the rest to the ants. So glad I got this one shot!