And the Smell of Bourbon Filled the Air | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Central KY Lifestyle Photographer}

If you follow my Instagram page or facebook, you may have seen an entry with a beautiful brick building that pointed out the fact that I may be the only Kentuckian genuinely surprised by the smell of bourbon upon entering a bourbon distillery. I'm not a big drinker (not because I oppose it...I like it...well not the alcoholic it....but the occasional go out have safe fun with friends and send funny text messages spouting your love for everyone kind of drinking...but it doesn't really like me...well at least when it comes to bourbon...and everything else but wine...really really sweet wine), but it really smelled so good. It added a little extra touch of KY to our session. This is another one of my beautiful sorority sisters. I love seeing all the littles getting married. They are absolutely perfect together. They laughed and were silly with each other the whole time. I told J when we were leaving that she found her a keeper and she did...and he did as well. I especially loved that he gave me a big hug before we left. If you know me, you know how much I love hugs and people who hug. Not that I don't love you if you don't hug, but you get extra special brownie points for being a hugger in my book. They are so lucky to have each other and obviously so in love and passionate for each other.


Peace and SO much love!