Our Life

I had originally intended to post about each of these separately, but since all I really want to do is blog about our vacation, I figured I'd go ahead with all of these first. First up is his birthday. 2...he's 2! Can you believe it? I know I certainly can't. So, he decides to show me with his strong personality and his desire to do all things himself, but more than that he shows me with how much he CAN do himself, by his increasing vocabulary, by his ability to sit for a few minutes and cuddle, by how much he learns on a daily basis, and the way he squated to marvel at the dead snake the neighborhood boys brought by today (I just about died, but he was fascinated). I see his eyes sparkle with what I've always loved most about littles...amazement...amazement in everything. I love watching when a child see's something for the first time. I love seeing their eyes widen, a smile come across their face, the way they yell with excitement, and just the simple pure joy of experiencing something for the first time. This is the number 1 reason I went to college for Family Studies and why I knew I wanted to have a child.

This first image is from his birthday. He received a balance bike. I love it and he loves that it looks like a big boy bike, but he hasn't quite picked up on how to use it yet.



For the last two years, we have tried to have a summer backyard birthday party, but it hasn't worked out because of weather. So, we took all the decorations and plans I made for outside and just worked with what we had. Birthday parties are such an important part of his childhood to me. So, I'm pretty sure this crazy birthday planning is just the beginning.


The next little bit is from the beginning of football season. It's funny, but there's a little part of me that always dreads football. I love so much about it, but I am so done with it by the end of the season. I have to say that having a son who looks up to his Daddy so much and loves loves football is quickly making me fall in love as well.



And finally, the doggy facepaint. I can't tell if it's adorable or kinda scary. For these first pictures, I told him there was a spider in my camera. Then I said he had to laugh for the spider to make it come out. I about died laughing at the result.


Peace and so much love,