She's Got Style | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Central KY Senior Photographer}

I love working with the littles, but sometimes it's nice to slow it down a bit and work with seniors. I knew when I read S's session information how much fun it would be to photograph her. I love that she was in dance for so long and is now focusing her time on art. I am not very coordinated or gifted in dance, but I love to watch it (does that count for anything?). And, of course, I love art. I hear she's quite talented. As soon as we started and I had her sit in front of this wall, I saw how striking her eyes are. Wow! Not to mention, she was a good sport and did everything crazy I asked...without hesitation. Including standing in the middle of the road. I love that she chose me partially because of the junk yard I shot in for her sister's senior session. I love how comfortable she was in front of the camera because her momma loves photos and takes them often. I especially love her style. I love that she's a little funky, but also wears dresses all the time. I love that in the same session, she went from wearing sneakers, to red heels, to cute shoes with a vintagey feel.  I can't wait to edit rest of this session! 2013-09-16_00102013-09-16_00112013-09-16_00122013-09-16_00132013-09-16_00142013-09-16_00152013-09-16_00162013-09-16_0017

Peace and so much love,