First Hair Cut


It seems, as a Mom, that every little thing is a milestone. Things I would've never even thought of before. Of course, there are the big ones, crawling, walking, eating. I've always handled them pretty well because Steff is just so much happier the more he can do. He was a happier baby when he could crawl and then when he could walk. But some milestones, I'm just not ready for them until I'm forced to be. Some of you may know that I'm a little crazy over Steff's hair. I did NOT want to cut it, but there came a time when it was getting into his eyes on the days it wasn't as curly. Bret just basically told me he was taking him. I don't think I could've said yes or asked him to. I know, it seems weird. But seriously, it's the big thing he got from me. It's what everyone comments on when they see him. Having his first hair cut just felt like a milestone I wasn't ready to reach. This one got me. A tear may have been shed when I watched some of the curls drop to the floor in slow motion. Thankfully, it was only a trim and his hair was curlier than ever after! Now, looking back, I see just how crazy his hair had gotten. I have been so stubborn over this. Now I see what everyone was saying (and I better not hear an "I told you so"). lol. We even had a barber on our flight to FL say it needed to be cut. This has been a couple months ago and it is already getting in his eyes again and driving him crazy. I don't think I'll shed a tear this time, but I may be a crazy lady that keeps hair from every cut he has. Is that normal? No?

He loved watching Daddy get his hair cut first. I don't think he said a word the whole time.


Peace and so much love,