Our Day to Day | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Momma}

I have to say that I simply don't feel whole unless I'm sharing. I hate that I haven't shared anything about our lives lately. Of course, I post to instagram on a fairly regular basis, but I love posting on here and telling stories about our day to day. Steff is such a little stinker right now. He is wild and crazy and certainly keeps me on my toes, but he's also sweet and loving. He loves to cuddle. He always always gives kisses when you act like something's wrong or say "ow". Just this morning I said "ow I hit my head" (which is not rare...I tend to hit my head often...yep...I just shared that) and he gave a kiss on my head, on my toes, and on my knees. You know...just to cover everything. He has been rubbing my face a lot and that just melts me into a little puddle. He is so gentle with and loves babies. There's a girl about a year younger than him at the babysitters. He holds her hand and walks her around everywhere. We recently had a lunch date where he loved on and chased a little girl to hold her hand and kiss her. He gives very loving and gentle hugs and kisses. If we have taught this boy anything it's how to love, kiss, and use a debit card. He LOVES to pay any where we go. He knows to hand the receipt to them first, wait to hear the total, and then give the debit card. He loves to dance and sing. He has some crazy moves that he learns from our babysitters daughter who's in dance. A friend recently said "ok...he seriously has some moves". He does a proper spin like he's been taking dance lessons. He turns his head just right. He may already be more coordinated than me. All I know how to do is shake my booty or do the sprinkler or shopping cart. No proper spins here. Bret spins me and dips me...that's about as coordinated as "I" get. Okay...we're getting carried away over here. If you look at these pictures and think to yourself "oh he looks so much like you"...think again. The boy is a clone of his Daddy...except for the awesome curls and eye color...which all come from me. I'll take that. These are all out of order...so bare with me. I will do a separate post about a few key events from our summer. These are just kinda random favorites from summer.

Here he is as my assistant. The first picture he was trying to "pose" like the other little girl. He almost got it.

Trader Joe's yogurts are a favorite after nap snack. Sitting him on the island is a favorite tactic of mine to get stuff done. It works until he tries to break his neck getting down.

Folks...I got this work bench for $4. Best $4 ever.

I love sunsets at our house. I love the way the light hits his hair and our garden and the grass and...okay...everything. I'll have to do another post about our garden. This was definitely a learning year because we did it completely different than we ever have before. I love it. I hope to expand again next year. We may not have any flat land left when I done, but we should have lots of yummy goodies to eat. Notice he wears undies, cloth diapers, and disposable diapers...we use it all in this house.

These zinnias line our deck in the back and I'm kinda in love with them...and of course, him as well.

He does yoga and front flips pretty much every where...including concrete. He's brave like that.

Both of these boys hearts went a little faster when they got in this. My uncle who is like a father to me owns a gravel business in Louisa. We've all been excited for Steff to get to ride this one day. He was absolutely in love. They were both to the moon thrilled. They were suppose to go just around the block. I do believe they threw in one extra block in there.

Thanks for reading my ramblings about our every day. I so hope to post more.

So much love,