Friendship | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Central KY Child and Family photographer}

God has been good to us in so many ways. One of those is with the love of some incredible friends. I don't think I can truly put into words how good Holli has been to us. She's always the first to respond, she remembers things like birthdays (which I am terrible at), she's always there at any event we have (unless she's at Disney World...but who can blame her for that one), she does a great job at keeping in contact and making sure we all take time out for dinner here and there, and not to mention she knows how to throw one great birthday party. I have had the honor of photographing beautiful A since she was born. I love this girl like she were my own and am so proud of her. Now I get to photograph the newest member of the family. Little miss L is the perfect addition to this family and our group that keeps getting bigger with so many kiddos.

My assistant got to come along on this shoot. He really just wanted to steal the spotlight. See how he's putting his arm around her for the picture? Gosh...I love him.

Peace and so so much love,