Sweet Sweet Baby

I loved their maternity session and I knew I would feel the same about their newborn session. They are so gentle and loving and funny. I love when I instantly hit it off with a family. I was completely impressed by how well it seemed they had adjusted to parenthood. Like they had been doing it all along. Like she had been there all along. 2013-08-06_0024.jpg 2013-08-06_0025.jpg 2013-08-06_0026.jpg 2013-08-06_0027.jpg

Loved the artwork in her room...


2013-08-06_0030.jpg 2013-08-06_0029.jpg 2013-08-06_0031.jpg 2013-08-06_0033.jpg


2013-08-06_0034.jpg 2013-08-06_0036.jpg 2013-08-06_0037.jpg

Peace and so much love,