A Little Glam and a lot of Tears

This summer has been such a whirl wind for me. I never realized just how busy life is with kids during the summer. It's been a wonderful kind of busy, filled with special family moments, but not much time for anything else. I am so happy to finally share this special wedding. I dearly love Shea and her husband Justin. Shea is my brother-in-laws sister. I don't know if I've met many families as close as theirs. They're all so sweet, so kind, so loving, so genuine, and so gentle with each other. Just add in a lot of humor and laughter, and you'll see why they're all so much fun to be around.

Doesn't she look so glam? I love her style and love those red lips. She's such a classic beauty. And yes...we stopped by McDonald's, in a limo.

The dress....oh the dress.

Just to reinforce my statement on how close they are...Shea and Justin were torn about seeing each other before the wedding. One of Shea's reasons for not wanting to was that she wanted a special moment with her Daddy before Justin saw her. Is that not the sweetest thing ever? So, we decided to have a "first look" with Daddy before the "first look" with Justin. I'm so glad she decided to do it! He's such a loving man. He kept whispering to her about how much he loves her and how there's no princess around that is as beautiful as she is. It was such a special moment that I am so honored to have witnessed.

Possibly my most favorite moment of the day was when they did have their first look. Once Shea was in place, she had to say Justin's name to have him turn around, but she couldn't get his name out. She was so choked up and in tears. When she got his name out, he turned to see her and lost it. You'll see several pictures of both of them crying and each one absolutely takes me back to that moment.

Such special relationships. I know how close Shea is to all the women in her family. She was gifted the most beautiful pair of earrings to one day hand down to her daughter.

They tolerated me taking them into the hot sun and being extremely goofy.

This cross...this field...this view...this joy!

My sweet sweet sister and brother-in-law. I swear I love them more each time I see them.

Some pretty good toasts...

I won't say that I almost missed the bouquet toss because I fell in love with this moment...

Alright, they all know how to get down. I couldn't keep up with the awesome moments because they just kept happening.

Where were these moves at your wedding Brandon!?!

I love you all dearly! Thanks so much for having me be a part of your most special day!

Peace and so much love,