Loved | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY child and family photographer}

When asked why they chose to have me take their photos, they said that one of the reasons was because I had a son close to their littles age and would understand just how special he was to them. After meeting them, it's even more obvious. It was written all over the way they interact with him and each other. There's so much love in this family. They snuggled L and encouraged him to be. The child is a genius and loves numbers. We found numbers and counted every chance we got. He's a little explorer and there's so much to explore at Keeneland. What stood out most to me though, is truly the way they loved. You can tell that a day will not go by that L doesn't feel loved, supported, adored, and encouraged. I absolutely fell in love with the pictures of them interacting. I knew the moment I clicked the camera that I was capturing something special and my heart melted.

Peace and so much love,