Beautifully happy day

Another beautiful wedding, on a beautiful day, with a big loving family and a bride and groom that were completely in love. I'm not sure that I've seen a couple just so at peace with their day. I know that may sound strange, but when I think about their day, that's what comes to mind. They were just calm and happy.

This may possibly be the most beautiful wedding dress I've seen. I just absolutely loved it!

I loved loved her hair.

They simply adore one another.

My very first Catholic wedding. This church! Amazing.

There wasn't a dry eye in the room. This was such a beautiful and special moment.

I was honored that one of my former teachers thought of me to photograph her sons wedding. I truly remember when he was little. So strange to see him graduated from medical school and now married. I couldn't help but think of Steff's future wedding day during their dance.

Peace and so much love,