a rainy day in the life of... | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Child & Family Photographer}

This one has been a long time coming. What do I do when I have a day with one of my very favorite families...and the woman I text for momma tips randomly...all the time? Just fill up all my memory cards is all. I loved reading every little bit of info that Mary Ann sent about a typical day in their lives, especially the part about who their family really is. I didn't think I could love them any more. I was wrong.

"As for what we're about as parents during these times, we are focused on the quaint...what is special in what we experience everyday.  The robin who has nested in our window.  How much the lavender has grown.  Whether the rabbits have eaten our pea plants.  Wearing appropriate clothing so we enjoy the weather (no whining about rain here!).

Our disciplinary focus is on gentle hands, soft voices, and kind words.
We wash our hands, but we don't mind the dirt that comes with childhood (or being human for that matter).
We hope everyday for another chance to try again for we fall flat on out faces as parents and spouses and friends more often than not.
We hope that our children will forgive us.
And we are so glad that you are coming over!"
I loved what she said about the rain. I don't think it would even occur to me to go for a walk in the rain. I love that they embrace life...even the rainy days. It was rainy on the day of our session, which kinda turned out to be perfect since I feel like that's something that really says who they are as a family.
*On a side note before we dive into pictures. I've offered Day in the Life sessions since, well, the beginning. It can be used for a typical day or even part of a camping trip/vacation day. I am to solely serve as a fly on the wall (although, I do get chatty here and there), capturing the beauty in your every day.*

Isn't it the little things that we're going to miss one day...like walking up the steps to see our littles playing in their rooms...lost in their imaginations.

Or their tiny toes sticking out of the rails.

I'm in love with their home. This was one of my favorite parts. A little room/pantry attached to the kitchen that had the most fabulous cabinets I've ever seen.

They have a self serve granola bar on one of their shelves. Now I've been trying to figure out how I can work one into our kitchen.

After our little jump outside in the rain, the umbrellas served as a fort. I loved watching them play together and keep building on...coats for the floor, snacks, and toys.

E reminded me so much of myself. A love for poetry, photography, music (although, unfortunately, I am not musically talented like she is), and another world she dreamed up just through her closet.

One of my favorite parts of the day was the music. Dad played, kids danced. Then Dad and E worked together on the piano and guitar, while W and momma sat and looked through National Geographic books. I loved hearing the songs E had created (songs I could so imagine hearing on a quirky little children's CD).

My favorite pictures of the day were from W's nap and snuggle/wrestle time with Daddy.

Almost a tie for my favorites from the day...

Then we did it...we took a walk in the rain. :)

I'm fairly certain W would say it was totally worth it.

Well, maybe this one is my favorite picture from the day. I am still cracking up over this. The child LOVES him some ice cream.

Peace and oh so much love,