Sweet Baby | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Harrodsburg, KY Family Photographer}

I've never met a family happier than this one. Inwardly and outwardly...they are just happy and beautiful. They smile and laugh and love more than any three people I've ever met. MY cheeks hurt when I leave from being around them. They are kind and fun and funny. And they all call each other 'sweet baby' and it makes me smile every time. They are special and perfect. Oh and sweet sweet N. He asked for me to hold him at the end of the session. He just cuddled me and laughed. You know my heart melted. This family worked awfully hard to have such a blessing as N. I believe that's what makes their joy even more special.

I know I never want to forget the feelings of a hug, a kiss, and holding Steffen...I imagine that's what every parent feels.

You have no idea the amount of flowers I had in my hair. I was literally running out of room to put them :)

Peace and so much love,