Happy little session | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Versailles, KY Child and Famiy Photographer}

I'm so excited to share this session. There is a super embarrassing (for me) story to this that caused me to be late (for which I had originally shown up 30 minutes early), but we won't go into that. I was so happy to see how, well, happy he was. 'A' made my job incredibly easy. He even helped me carry this chair as soon as I got it out of the van. I was thankful that I was able to get SO many perfect pictures in such a short time (it was a mini session). This isn't the first time I photographed this family. Every single time the thing I notice most is just how much love there is. They look at him in amazement and joy. They let him be the big boy he is and he thrives. He is such a sweet little. I got to the session flustered at myself and I left so so happy at how perfect everything was. PS...these are the apple blooms at Boyd's Orchard. I pretty much love it there.

Peace and SO much love,