Pippy Frances

This post has been a long time coming. When this extremely talented friend asked if I would like to do a testimonial for her new line and new site launch, I had no idea how I could put into words what I think about her and her work. I don't know that I've ever met another soul as gracious, thoughtful, and kind as Andrea of Pippy Frances. She gives her heart freely to everyone around her. She gives to those in need without hesitation. She gives the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts with every detail, including the packaging, put together in the most perfect way. I seriously still have a box that she wrapped sitting on my night stand because it's too pretty to throw away.

As a photographer, I love photographing children in clothing that stands out, that are comfortable to play in, and, most of all, truly celebrates childhood. I've photographed Andrea's designs for years and am constantly amazed at the fabrics she pairs together. The attention put into each detail simply can't be found anywhere else. I fell in love with these creations even more when speaking with Andrea before the new line came out. She said that she wanted to be a part of, not only the design, but also the actual construction. There's an aspect of doing things by hand that you just can't get from a manufacturer. Each piece is it's own. Andreas attention, passion, and heart can be found in every little detail of a Pippy Frances creation. My favorite part is that everything can and should be played in.

Here are just a few photos of Andrea's gorgeousness. These were taken in 2011. Yeah...told you it's been a long time coming.

2013-04-24_0001.jpg 2013-04-24_0002.jpg


This next photo was from this 2011 shoot when it was still A La Modish. I just had to include one of the little lamb.


Here are a couple sweet little gifts from Andrea. Her bow ties are the perfect little detail to finish off an outfit. 2013-04-24_0005.jpg

Now that I've gushed, don't you want to hop over to www.pippyfrances.com?

Peace and so much love,