New old friends| Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Child and Family Photography}

I decided to sneak peek all of these at the same time because what I have to say about each of them is the same. I am so lucky to be doing what I love, but how much sweeter is it that I meet amazing people who quickly become great friends of mine. This day was filled with new old friends. These are friends who I've had for a few years now, but feel like we've been friends for many more. So this very first shot is a classic Keeneland one that I rarely post on here, but take some of my Keeneland shoots. This one just feels so different. Maybe it's because there's a little more light on them than most. Or because of momma's beautiful flowing dress. Either way, there was just something about this one that I just had to share.


2012-11-19_0003.jpg 2012-11-19_0004.jpg

Okay...I'm restraining myself from posting my most favorite shots with Christmas being so close, but I could not resist showing this one. Rawr! (Daddy...I promise I got great shots of you too, but these two were my most favorites from the whole day).

2012-11-19_0007.jpg 2012-11-19_0008.jpg

I had to post one of his shoes...he was so proud.


I'm simply in love with this boy. He is hilarious and all over the place. I encourage it. Let him be wild. He's wild when he wants to be (but so so sweet) and still manages to look at the camera from time to time. He also gives great hugs and snuggles.

2012-11-19_0011.jpg 2012-11-19_0010.jpg 2012-11-19_0012.jpg

Can I start with LOL? He would not...repeat...would not let us take his hood off. I tried every trick I could think of. The most important thing at a session is to have a happy family. If that means he will have a hood on in all the shots, so be it. Let me tell you, a hood can be super cute when it's on a happy boy. They will simply look back many years down the road and laugh at the time they had a photo session and he wouldn't take off his hood. And many many many years down the road, he will surely be paid back when his children do the same.

I had to show one with his face barely showing.


I love their relationship. Their faces were super close together for these. It was so sweet to see them snuggle.


Someone had enough of the cold. Daddy's jacket and Daddy's arms sure will do the trick.

2012-11-19_0014.jpg 2012-11-19_0016.jpg

Peace and so much love,

Cilla xo