A momma and her sons | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lawrenceburg, KY Child and Family Photography}

This session was to capture a young man graduating college, and we did that, but all I could think about was a momma and her sons. Watching her sons grow up into men and accomplishing great things. I looked at the pictures on their mantel of their memories growing up and thought about how quickly it goes by. Is it because it's true what they say "time flies when you're having fun"? Or because, as parents, we're clinching to every moment we can. As I was talking about how it made me sad that it went by so fast, his momma said that each stage has been her favorite and she loves this stage in her sons lives just as she did when they were babies. I find comfort in that. Now...look at her boys...men...one graduating college and one double majoring in engineering and music (I make note of that because I LOVE that he's got both sides of the brain covered). She has good reason to be proud and love this stage of life. 2012-11-19_0002.jpg2012-11-19_0001.jpg

Peace and so much love,

Cilla xoxo