Little Billy Goat

I've always loved Halloween. I'm sure growing up I loved it because of the free candy. Candy I didn't usually have. Now I love it because it's during my favorite season, it's at the peak of the beautiful leaf weather (?), it's fun, there's something magically spooky, the scary movies, and, well, the candy. I didn't realize one of the perks of being a parent was trick-or-treat candy. I'm all, "he can't eat need for them to go to waste". Makes sense, right? I don't remember much about my costumes growing up. Seems I remember being a ghost? I know I dressed up like a baby a few times. I tried to dress like a smurf once, but had a wardrobe malfunction. I OBSESSED over Steff's costume this year. I always imagined I would make his costumes, but realized, after last year, that is harder than it appears. I still wanted it to be perfect. I know it all goes back to my costumes growing up. The poor Smurf costume was terrible. I took a piece of paper and drew a Smurf face, cut it out and attached some kind of elastic to make it a mask. I don't even know if I wore blue clothes. Was not one of my best "martha stewart" moments.

We were torn between the yard gnome and a billy goat. The billy goat costume was too cute to pass up. Really, how many goats do you see walking around on Halloween? I was thrilled when I heard a little girl walking by saying "Mom! Look! Look! He's a goat! He's a goat!" I think it was a big success. I just wish we had done more Halloween activities so he could wear it more! I don't want to sell it or pack it up.


I have loved seeing all of your beautiful littles in their costumes! I was glued to my instagram and fb that night!