A Home Warmed with Love | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Nicholasville, KY Child and Family Photographer}

I have to say, I felt at my most cheesiest when I was at their home. When I feel like something is special during a shoot, I tend to point it out, no matter how corny I sound. But their home...it was so warm. Their family...they were so sweet and so happy. The older kiddos were genuinely thrilled to welcome baby D. Everyone just seemed so relaxed. Even the newest member of the family was laid back. Their home was just simply filled with love. I wasn't shy about going on and on about it either. I was just completely impressed. Not to mention that I'm fairly certain I picked up some parenting tricks along the way. They are blessed with a big family and manage to keep it together. I can't do that with one!

A little cousin and his big brother made it into the session...

When we were finished with the most relaxed baby ever, I moved outside to play with the big kids. This first image is a little more on the "serious" side, but something just strikes me about it. Not sure what it is. I have plenty of smiling images, but none I love as much as this one. They could all be models.

I came back in to see a sleeping baby and I couldn't resist!

Thank you all for allowing me into your home that is filled with so much love.

Peace and so much love,