Lifestyle Session with my BFF | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Family Photographer}

Prepare yourselves for photo overload. THIS is what happens when I do a session with my best friend. We've known each other since elementary school and have been best friends since our senior year of high school. Well, pretty much...excluding that one time I was mad at her and wouldn't talk to her at the homecoming parade. We won't talk about that though. I always say she has the fairy tale. Sure, she would argue about all the imperfections...not being able to keep up with everything...the tough times that they've gone through...all the toys Jake has stuck up his nose...Those are not what make or break a fairy tale. Sure it's not what we read about growing up. Here's what I see. I see my best friend. I see the strongest woman I know. I see a woman who juggles life better than any one and still manages to listen to me worry about everything. I see Brad and Andrea...high school sweethearts. I see the love that we talked about and obsessed over in our foods class. I see the couple that everyone admired in high school. I see the couple who are not only high school sweethearts, but made it through college with a long distance relationship. I see the couple who I watched marry at their favorite place, the beach, where they were willing to marry even if it were raining. I see the couple who jumped into the pool in their wedding attire...yes wedding dress and all. I see the couple who manages to keep a clean home, cooks almost every night, keeps the kids in a million and one activities, hand make a lot of the kids Christmas gifts, and manage to work full time jobs. I see a mom who stayed home for most of their childs' lives because she saw it drifting so fast. I see two of the most energetic, funniest, compassionate, loving kids I know. I see parents who worry how to teach their kids to be tough, but not too not too wild...sweet...but not too soft...I see the mom who constantly amazes me with the way she teaches life to her kids. The tough subjects she discusses with them, in a way that they'll understand. Most importantly, I see a home of love. I swear...I learn something new about them with every session. The thing I love about this session is that you can see just how happy they are. Their smiles, their laughter, it is all genuine. They are truly rocking this stage of life. don't have to be my best friend to have a session like this. What made theirs so perfect is that they had fun. They had activities to do that the kiddos do on a regular basis. They seriously just played the entire time with little direction from me.

Benefit to a session with BFF...I got to bring Steff along. They love him and he loves them...even though you may not be able to tell...

If you don't have one...Bobas are awesome. He can get in this thing for a long time and he loves it and is super comfy.

I didn't see these images going this way until she started painting. She was so into it. So deep in concentration. In her own little world. I felt like I was sitting in on a special moment.

Steff joined in on the fun...

NO ONE plays like this kid. I love watching him play and especially love it when he says he won't play with his batman in the dirt cause his cape will get dirty. :)

Mine and Steff's favorite part. I LOVE roasted marshmallows. Steff got to enjoy his first ever marshmallow. Not roasted, of course.

Love love love...