Fall/Holiday Schedule Update 2012

Yesterday I did something stupid...I mean really stupid. It was one of those moments that I had to be in some sort of alternate reality. Well, at least in my mind. Bret likes to call this place "Cillaville" because apparently I go there often. Off in my own little world. But this time, it was not a pleasant trip as it was abruptly interrupted by something I feared would ruin my crazy October full of shoots. I grabbed the hot thermometer that had been stuck in a roast inside the oven for 20 minutes. I grabbed it with three very important fingers. The three fingers I use the most when shooting or editing. I felt the sting and saw the blisters start to rise immediately. Well, actually I screamed for Bret first and then I noticed the blisters. After I ran water over them for 15 minutes and keeping new cool aloe on them constantly, I calmed down and realized that this possibly wouldn't ruin my October (not to mention the wedding I'm shooting this Saturday). One would've thought I would have these huge blisters on my fingers, but I am happy to report they're small and all is well. I know...you were concerned. Right? I am not a drama queen. Not at all. Now, since my shooting fingers are good to go, I do still have a few spots where I would love to work your session in.

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Schedule update

Signature Session- Saturday, October 20th, evening

Signature Session- October Friday mornings 19th and 26th

Mini Session- a couple spots (morning and late afternoon/evening) October 13th in a beautiful open field in Stanford, KY (several of you asked if there would be an option to do this session without holiday props, so I decided to not do props, except for a couple chairs and blankets there as an option) *Please see below for images as a reminder of just how beautiful this field is.

Mini Session- October 20th- FULL

Mini Session- several spots open Nov. 3rd- Keeneland (PLEASE NOTE THAT IMAGES FROM THIS SESSION WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD UNTIL DEC.1, so it may be a little last minute for holiday gifts)


For those of you who are already asking about next year, bookings have begun, but the mini session calendar is not yet online. Please let me know if you're interested in the dates as I've already got them set on my calendar.

The first two sets of images below are from a few years ago. It was one of my favorite sessions to date. THIS is the setting for the Oct. 13th mini sessions. The last image is from this past year. I just love how open the field is and how it has the best view and most beautiful light.

I can't wait to see those of you that I usually see this time of year and those of you that this will be your first year doing this.

Peace and so much love,