Sweet sweet love | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Engagement Photographer}

Ah...I remember those days like they were yesterday. Preparing for the wedding to the one you love. Everything is blissful, yet stressful. I know when we first started the session M and W weren't quite sure. W asked for lots of direction. Turned out, they were naturals. He didn't need quite the amount of directions as he thought he would. Actually they needed as much direction as any one else does "go stand here" "go sit here" "just be yourselves" "cuddle up". Okay I did direct a little dip and a sweet nothings whisper. They're in love. It's obvious when you watch them interact. He makes her laugh. Fellas, that means a lot. He also has a pretty good Sling Blade impersonation, which always comes in handy when you need a good laugh.

In the end, no one really needs direction when you have a love like this...

Thanks so much for including me in this so perfect and exciting time W & M! I can't wait for the big day (yes folks...I'm sorta doing weddings again...I just couldn't stay away :)).

Peace and so so much love,