Baby C Newborn | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Danville, KY Newborn Photographer}

I'm thrilled to finally be showing off this beautiful family. I love being with families during this time, especially since having Steff. It amazes me just how differently each family handles those first couple weeks. I continue to be so impressed with all of my clients. It seems to come so naturally to them and they have no problem remembering just how blessed they are. Baby C reminded me so much of Steffen during those first days that it made my heart yearn to have that time back. I'm pretty sure B and M have it together way better than we did. They are already amazing parents. They are both equally involved and working together to discover C's needs. Plus you can tell that they are just smitten.

Look at big boy already raising his head to see momma.

There's just something about the moment below that gets me. The joy is overwhelming. I know what they're feeling. Bret and I still look at Steff this way and think about how amazing it is that we're parents.

Kids got some kickin shoes already!


Thanks so much D family for allowing me into your home at such a vulnerable time. I absolutely adore your sweet little family and can't wait to see you again!


Peace and so much love,