New Website and Branding Tweak!

I love change. I'm not sure when this love began. I remember in Elementary school crying because I knew things just wouldn't be the same when we moved to middle school (of course I was right). My best friend never lets me live that one down as she remembered it way better than I did (and I actually did the same thing when she got married, maybe not quite as dramatic as it was in Elementary school though). But, somewhere a long the way, I began to love it. I love a change of scenery, my house never feels I'm constantly changing decorations, I get excited and love to plan for anything new, and I change my mind a million times on the smallest details. The fact that my website hasn't changed in YEARS, has been driving me insane, but I felt stuck. I had no idea where to go with it. Until now. I've recently felt a surge of inspiration from everywhere. I know exactly how I want to completely change some things and simply tweak others. So, with that, I've tweaked my logo and changed my website. I love the pink and brown, but wanted to  add in some more natural elements. I want things to be consistent through my packaging and all printed materials. First phase is the website, next is newsletter, and then packaging and printed materials. Along with all the changes will be lots more blog posts! I have tons of things on my mind that I wanted to hold off on until after the changes were complete. There's so much lined up for the fall. Eek! If you aren't subscribed to the blog just yet, be sure to do so HERE. Here's a peak into all the changes that I am absolutely thrilled about! If you're viewing this via email, be sure to go check it out for yourself at Feel free to share with friends and family who may be interested in a session. Fall sessions are already booking up! More details to come soon.

First up, an overall look at the changes....

I added a fun little instagram link over to the side that will show all of my most recent instagram pictures. I'm obsessed with instagram!

All of the galleries have been updated with my most recent work, as well as my favorite old work.

My most favorite new area is the featured full sessions. I have four of my most favorite sessions featured. These are full sessions so you can see and get a feel for exactly what you'll be getting.

The Day in the Life sessions page has been updated with a slideshow of one of my favorite day in the life sessions. It's fun! You should watch . :) While your at it, be sure to also check out the Birth Photography page as a new slideshow has been added to it.