Bluegrass Fair Minis | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Child and Family Photographer}

Just a quick little sneak peek from one of my favorite locations to shoot! It was a hectic evening, but we got the perfect shots. With each session I just wanted to linger and chat a while. I simply love my clients. How fast they become friends always amazes me. I have to admit, the first client of the evening was the hardest to part with. Not only are they two beautiful babies, but momma and I have always hit it off. I love each time I get to be around them.

Walking around they thought how were we going to be able to take these pictures with ALL these people! Let me tell  ya, there were times I almost worried about the same thing. I'm still torn between if it's better to do the fair pictures when everyone's there or when it's empty. could I not get good pictures with these two!?! They were the perfect models.

Have you ever met kiddos that were the perfect kind of wild? They're wildly fun, but so sweet? One minute you catch them trying to climb a random pole and the next they're hugging each other and giving their sister sweet little kisses? Yeah...that's this family. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. You can tell life with them is always interesting and fun, with sweet and crazy moments all mixed into one. sparkly Toms? Seriously? Do they make those in my size?

So sweet and in her own little world.

They are "hams"! I'm telling ya. Ready to pose and act crazy in front of the camera. "How about this one?" he moves to one knee with his elbow on his knee and hand tucked under his chin. They are awesome. Awesome!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out that day!

Peace and so much love,