Baby Baby Boy | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Newborn Photography}

Oh, the newborns. I photographed two baby boy's within a week and way too close to my baby boys first birthday. I just wanted to cuddle both of them up. During the first week of Steffen's life, I thought there was no way I could have another, but now...well, it's in the realm of possibilities. I love being around new parents and seeing how different, but how similar they all are. Since having my own baby, I truly think my clients are superstars. They have it all together. Within two weeks after their baby's are born. That's pretty amazing. So calm and happy. In turn, their beautiful babies are too. Little baby C was perfect. He made my job way too easy.

I was majorly impressed with the thumb sucking so early!

Peace and so much love,