Newborn Family LIfe Unscripted | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Lifestyle Newborn Photographer}

I have a confession to make. Recently I've felt like I was at a crossroads with my newborn sessions. Well, I felt it before Steff was even born and just assumed it would fix itself once he was born. I'm torn between the part of me that loves the perfect little curled up pictures of newborns and the part of me that loves the completely unposed, lifestyle newborn sessions. I've been very happy with my newborn sessions, but just felt like I wasn't making the connection between those two styles. Fast forward to my most recent newborn session. We knew that getting the boys in pictures would be completely up in the air. Let me tell you, they gave me a good run for my money, but in a fun and refreshing way. Although I love lifestyle photography, sometimes I find with newborn sessions I have a hard time letting it unfold. I mean, there's only so much a newborn can do. Right? With these boys, there was only one way to do it and that was completely unscripted. And I LOVED it. I put the family on the bed to hang out and the boys were so much fun and all over the place. Like you would expect boys their age to be. I honestly wasn't 100% confident at the end of that part if we got something that would work, but oh did we ever. They were perfect. The images are so them. They were so me. After finishing up this session I really felt like I had something that showed WHO they were and who I am as well. That's what I strive for with every single session.

My joy was sealed when momma emailed me saying she had gotten emotional watching the slideshow. Sure it could be blamed on hormones, but I'll take it as a compliment any way.

So, this first series of that not the most awesome game for a little boy? They took tons of old boxes and wrapped them to use as giant blocks. As you can see, they're a big hit and I do see these in my boys future.

Lol. This next picture is NOT related to the picture above. The boxes are empty and safe. I just loved the next image because it's true to life.

And my absolute favorites...


Until the next time...

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