Looking for the Perfect Intern

I know things have been bare around the blog lately. You don't know how many people ask if I'm still working. Looking here, you would think that answer is no, but I promise, I am. Oh there's so many sessions and so much about life that I want to share. I have a post started about how much I miss blogging and writing, but I just haven't been able to finish it. I'm at a loss for words about how long it's been and why it's been so long. I have no clue how to get back to blogging on a sorta regular basis, but I am determined that it is going to happen. That's definitely not the point of this post...or is it? In order for me to get blogging back on track and to get my work flow under control, I'm going to have to admit that I need help! I adored my beautiful interns of last year. I miss Canaan and Olivia with a passion...my ginger duo. Once they left, I had others lined up, but knew it may be impossible with having a new baby. They would've started around the time Steffen was born. I know it was the best decision to hold off. I can't even begin to imagine how crazy it would've been to add others to my zombie days. I'm not exaggerating. I was a zombie. Truly. Now it's way beyond time to get someone else in here. Do you see my 2:00 am pleas!?!

When do I need you? 

NOW...lol. I'm only half kidding. I would love someone who could start this summer. We will be out a lot in June, so the work wouldn't be every week until July.

How often will I need you?

One day a week in office (it would be a consistent day that we work out together). In addition, there may be tasks that can be done out of office, in the convenience of your own home. If you're looking for a co-op opportunity, this would allow you to get more hours than just the one day in the office.

For how long?

I am open on this one. I would, ideally, like someone who could work at least a year. Much longer is even better.

What do I need you to do? 

Process orders (placing orders, sorting orders, packaging orders, mailing orders, possibly a little photoshop work as well)

Mail out all the pretty little info and gifts to clients

Keep packaging materials in stock

Assist in development and distribution of marketing materials


Incredibly sweet and fun



Attention to detail

Ability to be in office one day a week, in Lancaster, KY

Bonus points (but not requirements): Adobe Photoshop knowledge and mad packaging skills

What you'll get...

One photo session a year with CD and personal printing privileges, as well as a significant discount on prints and products

If you're interested and haven't completed an application, please do so at www.priscillabphotography.com/blog/internshipapplication/. If you have already sent an application in, please email me at priscilla@priscillabphotography.com to let me know you're interested in this specific opportunity.

Just because I can't do a post without a picture...I mean...it might as well be of Steff, right...

He's pretty excited that Mommy's going to get an intern.