Snuggles and Raspberries | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Newborn Photographer}

They said they wanted things to be captured as they naturally unfolded. I was in love already. Of course, I had them standing in the middle of the living room and we laughed that this was not what they would normally be doing, but the interactions were. We laughed as we watched the new Daddy give raspberries on L's belly (Momma says L would eventually enjoy these as much as Daddy does). The love and snuggles. That was natural. That was perfect. Of course, every session is special to me, but my last two newborn sessions were extra special because I knew I would soon be experiencing this. Being a new parent. Having a newborn boy. Experiencing that love for the first time. Experiencing that uncertainty (although, I have to say, they sure didn't show the uncertainty...they looked like old pros). I have this post scheduled for a few days from now. I may be experiencing this right now, it may be a few days...a week...maybe two. But soon. Thank you for giving me a window into my soon to be.

This exact same onesie has been in my Etsy cart for a while now. Don't you just LOVE it!?! There's another one that says "rawr, it means i love you in dinosaur". I could you pass that up!?!

Peace and so much love,