A Moment to Remember...

It was a simple moment. Most wouldn't think it as a special one. I was sitting in the office taking a break from getting things ready for your party. You were in our new room painting, listening to a random song on your iPod, and singing as if no one were around. The windows were up and perhaps the entire neighborhood heard you, but you didn't care. There was just something about the moment that told me, "I need to remember this forever." I felt an overwhelming since of love. Maybe it's because I love that you're "nesting" right along with me. Or that I love listening to you sing along with your very eclectic iPod, going from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, to Jay-Z, to Louis Armstrong. I just had that overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. The warm lovey feeling. A sense of peace and joy. I've had a lot of those lately. I loved the moment you stepped away from painting, into the office, and swept me out of my chair just to dance to Higher and Higher (the song that played as we had our first kiss as husband and wife). I loved the moment that you asked me to come in the room to look at everything, only to surprise me with a dance so our son could "hear a good song". This weekend we're celebrating your birthday. Your last birthday before our son is born. I loved everything about yesterday (okay...maybe not the part where I realized we only had a few hours before everyone got here and I began to run around like a crazy woman). You were in your element. Around most of the people who love you unconditionally. I loved hearing your boisterous laugh and the passion in your voice as you told stories or celebrated getting the perfect piece of crab meat from the crab claw. My heart melted as you entertained all of the kiddos, seeing how happy being around them made you. Hearing their sweet little voices asking you to pretend to throw them in the trash one more time (I mean...you have to be pretty special to make that fun). I swelled with pride as I would hear one of our best friends say "I truly love your husband", as we both watched you move around the room. I knew, as I sat and watched you, that this was the best birthday present I could have ever given you. There's nothing you love more than being around those you love and those who love you. It was worth every bit of work.

I know I shouldn't write this right now. Today is Sunday and your actual birthday. I love our Sundays together and love that we are spending today with just the two of us...and our little boy.

Today and every day, I want you to know how much you're loved. I want to remember the little moments with you as those are the ones that drift away so quickly and often go without note or merit, but deserve the most.

I simply and purely love you.

All my love,