Birthday Boy | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Central KY Child and Family Photographer}

Well hello there!!! How many times have I said "I'm back" this year? I'm not going to say it this time, but I will say I have several posts worth of images ready and I promise that I will be making my best effort to be "back". The good news is (you know besides being "back" and all) that my lack of blogging has all been for wonderful reasons, mostly which involve this little guy (yep...that's right....a boy!) kicking and punching me like crazy. You know a momma's love is strong when she falls more in love with every kick and punch. I promise a post soon about where I've been and all the fun things I've been loving. For now, lets start with this little guy that I just have to share. Oh how I love to be greeted at the door by a smiling baby. He's just so happy, which made me unbelievably happy.

Just look at that cake? His very very very talented momma made that! Not only was it pretty, but it was delicious (I wouldn't know or anything...I mean...I didn't steal a not me...oh come's chocolate!).

And my absolute favorite image...

It's so good to be back!

xoxo and a ton of love,