What's Going On...

So, what have I been doing? We all know it isn't blogging. Well, I've been getting fat, but a cute fat if I do say so myself. I love watching the belly grow daily. We look at my belly each and every day in amazement. The conversation usually consists of me saying "Look! I'm showing!" and Bret looking closely and saying "Oh yeah! Oh you are!" I am always sad when other people can't tell or are trying to be nice and say "oh honey that's not a belly". People....just tell me I'm a big fat pregnant woman! I have been thrilled the last couple days. I hit 16 weeks and you can actually tell...I mean, others besides Bret and I can tell...without me standing side ways and pushing down my shirt. I also contribute this to the oh so cute maternity clothes I bought that hug closely to that one bump. I even had the first person say "oh look at you" and rub my belly (don't worry...it was a friend). Yes...I loved it and probably could've cried right there. Another thing I've been noticing this weekend is that I can feel where he or she is! This little one was hanging out on my left side the other night. When I'm really still I can sometimes kinda feel "it" move. Not enough for Bret to feel yet, but he did get to feel where it was. Seriously the sweetest moment. He came home from a trip and I said "you wanna feel the baby". With his eyes wide "you can feel it!?!" Oh...while I'm at it...I have updated my 365 Days of Gratefulness...and changed the rules a little. I hope to talk more about this later, but for now, go check out what I've had to be grateful for...starting before we even began IVF. Check it out HERE!

Yes...believe it or not, I have been working too. I made all of my 2011 changes, including the calendar for the year (including AWESOME mini session locations). That is already posted under http://www.priscillabphotography.com/blog/calendar/ and I will blog about it soon. I will say...March minis have maybe one spot left and all the other minis and signature session spots are booking up fast. Faster then I imagined.

Now for the big announcement! The other thing that has been on my mind and taking up my time lately. Something I am beyond thrilled about. A new venture for me and three of my BFF's. I'm pretty sure we're all crazy to be taking on another project, hence the name of the venture....Our Cups Runneth Over. Each of us are so different, but so much alike. We have different interests, some similar, different ways of writing, different senses of humor, but one thing we all have...a love for life. A desire to live that life to the fullest. A love for blogging (you know...since I'm so good at keeping up with it) and sharing our journeys with others. Yes...that's right, our little venture is a new blog. A blog that will focus on a range of topics that creep into...or take over...our every days. Everything from family, fertility, fashion, fitness, arts, crafts, photography, and everything else under the moon. It will sometimes be hilarious. It will sometimes be serious. It will always be real. If one of us bores the socks off of you, another will probably crack you up, or make you cry. Not to mention that we already have fabulous guest bloggers set up and fantastic give aways (including the one going on now...a $100 Amex gift card). Now....hurry....go check us out, subscribe, like our facebook page, follow us on twitter...you won't regret it! PS...Due to so many awesome people checking out the site, it has been going down off and on. If this happens when you check it out, just come back to it later. Thanks!!!!

Our Cups Runneth Over

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