2010 Slideshow and a BIG Surprise

I'm back! Like really back. Not just hopping in to tease you. I know...you've been so worried. Right? So, what's been going on in 2011? After some much needed time off for the holidays, I'm currently working on some left over 2010 orders, a wedding from 2010, and then all of my exciting new things for 2011. I can't wait to share all the locations for the mini sessions this year! Soon...very soon.

I promise there will lots of fun things to share and write soon, but first I have to share something I'm EXTREMELY excited about. Drum roll please....

I've gone through and picked my favorites of my favorite images (please note that not ALL of my sessions are represented. Not even all of my favorites! Trust me...that was hard.) throughout the year and put a fun little slideshow together. Oh, but this is no ordinary slideshow. This slideshow is very very very special. VERY. Hidden in this slideshow, at the very end, is a big SURPRISE. A HUGE SURPRISE. Like if you miss out on this, you will be the lady in the store that snubbed Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and I'll be saying you made a big mistake...BIG...HUGE. Yes...I know it's a stretch, but I just keep hearing Julia Roberts in my head saying "Big. Huge".

If you are viewing this through email or on RSS feed, or if you'd just like to see it bigger, please go to www.priscillabphotography.com/slideshows/2010.

So much love, Cilla

UPDATE: Okay...I have tried and tried and tried, but it's just not letting me embed this slideshow into the blog post. Technology and I have NOT been getting along the last couple days. Soooo....to view the slideshow please go to