Little Boys | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Stanford, KY Photographer}

Well, we're going backwards for this session because my favorite images were at the very end. I could they not be with that light! Despite the fact that we had to fight a field FULL of spider webs (and naturally spiders that go with those webs)! I do believe it was worth it...

I know that most of you remember this little guy from HERE and HERE. I was amazed when I saw him for the first time in forever this past spring. He just looks like a little boy now. Not a baby, but a little boy! I am so thrilled that this little family has become dear friends of ours. Diana and I loved the girls night we had and we'll most definitely be taking more. It's funny because she reminds me so much of Bret. I mean, she reminds me of myself as well, but some things she says I've actually heard Bret say. But, of course, she doesn't drive me crazy like Bret does...sometimes ;) lol.

We learned a little trick during this session. Apparently if you throw a kids favorite toy towards where you want them to go, they'll go after it. Who knew! ;)

And if you put said toy on the photographer's head, they'll look at it. That is until they realize you're tricking them...

This simply cracks me up!

Peace and so much love,