Chum Chum | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {KY Newborn Photographer}

Remember way back HERE when I wrote about a friend who changed my outlook on photography?  I wasn't exaggerating when I said that. When I first "met" Amy, I was sending her a message asking how I could make a ghetto light set up in my house. I'm sure she cringed, but was nice enough to respond with something that changed everything to me. She said I didn't need anything like that. All I needed was some really good window light. What!?! Really!?! Ladies and gents...that is where it all began. I dearly love Amy, not just because of that, but because she has become a dear dear friend of mine. I couldn't believe our first time meeting in person was in FL this past summer. Oh how I adore her....and her beautiful family! In the post referenced above I mentioned not being able to wait to meet Chum Chum (that's little miss C's nickname for him). He's had a rough time since coming into this crazy world. I know they are so happy to have him home and in their arms where he belongs. Chum Chum.

(Side note: you'll notice in the next few posts that there's not as many images as usual. In an effort to be able to blog and keep up with the crazy fall that has already started, I'm sadly gonna have to cut down on the number of images in my blogs. I'm trying to keep it as close to two as I can. Can you see my pouty face from there? Yes, you'll see that I failed with that goal on this one. could I not show these?)

I LOVE how C's peeking above F (aka Chum Chum).

Peace and much much love,


PS...thank you for letting me come play!!!!