Twins | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Photographer} there anything cuter than newborn twins? I told D and S that the girls will always be turning heads. There's just something so sweet about twins that makes people turn and talk.   The girls decided to show me first hand how it is in the life of newborn twins. As soon as one was fed and happy, the other would be ready for her bottle. It was perfect. I'm sure they thought I was full of it when I said that was the perfect opportunity to get the real shots that I love so much.

Momma has been oh so patient waiting for their sneak peek! So, without further ado (who am I kidding...I'm sure everyone's already snuck to see all the cuteness or seen them on facebook!).

Who's bright idea was it to try and fit two adults and twin baby girls into one chair? Oh that would be the ever so brilliant me :) I have to admit, I am so glad I did. They are truly such a happy couple and they were cracking up the whole time. I'm sure they were thinking I was crazy, but not once did they say it. They didn't complain, huff, or roll their eyes (at least not that I could see ;)), they just tried it. And that's why I love them...well, and maybe because they have a pink room.

Peace and so much love,