Ninja | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {KY Senior Photographer}

If you have ever been to the "senior" section of the galleries on my website, you will notice that there is only one senior on there. My very first senior. I told her at the time that she would be all over my website, little did we know that she would be there for at least a couple years! Yes...I'm a slacker. I haven't updated my senior gallery in two years!

What does this have to do with one of my most recent seniors? It's his beautiful sister! I was beyond thrilled when I read a comment on the business facebook page saying that I had done his sister's senior pictures and would be doing his! Adore his family...and quickly learned that I adore him as well. We had a blast walking up and down Bardstown Rd. I'm pretty sure he either thought I was hilarious or crazy. Either way, he laughed. Maybe the awkward "this woman has lost it" laugh, but laughs none the less. I think it all got a little out of hand when I called myself a ninja. Don't worry I stopped dead in my tracks and said "yes...I just called myself a ninja". Internet world...I was embarrassed...I called myself a ninja. Who does that? I make funny noises for little kiddos, I call myself a ninja for teens. All in a days work.

Back to the important one here....You know my heart was stolen when he said he LOVED photography. Seriously such a sweetie. He even helped a lady change a bike tire during his session. Didn't even complain about it afterwards. Not even after we walked away.

These were instantly my favs. Even the one completely out of focus. Oh...maybe it's because this is when I called myself a Ninja.

And this one...I just couldn't bare putting with another photo.

He wasn't even too embarrassed to look like a big geek with me. Yes...we looked like two folks standing on Bardstown Rd. taking pictures of each other.

This next picture is as random as a chicken on Bardstown Rd....because that's what it was.

Peace and much love,