New | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {KY Birth Photographer}

After Macy's birth, I quickly realized that it was one of the most rewarding "sessions" I had ever done. Okay...maybe it's because I had a new beautiful baby sister in the end, but I don't think that was the only thing that made me feel that way. There was just something almost...magical...about being present during something so miraculous. Being the one to capture every moment. Erica often tells me how precious it all was to her. She talks about how everything was a blur and she was so out of it that she doesn't remember everything. She says that she and Myca sit and watch the slideshow with tears. Myca has to walk away because she just can't take it (yes...she is as emotional as we are, but she truly gets it and knows that they are tears of joy. she's our old soul.). It's an added bonus that  I also love the emotion and drama you can see in hospital pictures. I love using the available light. The graininess in the photos. The truly unposed pictures. Capturing each and every emotion.

You would think, with all of that, the decision to make this big change would be easy, but in true "cilla" fashion, it wasn't. I'm pretty sure I was trying to talk myself out of it. What if this happens...what if that happens....I can't get this collection just right...what if no one wants to do it...what if...what if...what if. Then finally I gave up the "what if" and realized this was what my heart wanted to do and there was just no stopping it. So, as I made the announcement a few years ago that I would be doing weddings, I am now making the announcement that I will now be offering Birth Photography and a Day in the Life sessions (side note...I have been meaning to offer this since I first started...even did a sample one...but decided to wait), but will no longer be doing weddings after this year (okay...okay...I have one next year and possibly another...but that's it! lol). My biggest fear is that I would be in the middle of a wedding and find out that a client was going into labor. Can you imagine? If I do a wedding, I can only take births that are far apart from the wedding date. Or I would be a total stress ball.

You can view a birth slideshow below. If you are viewing this through email and cannot see the video below, you can go to to see it.

Thank you so much for all your support always!

Peace and so much love,