Fair, Food, & Awesome People | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Family Photographer}

The smell of lots and lots of grease corn dogs, funnel cake, cotton candy...and all the other good food that I don't pay any attention to because I'm too busy eating corn dogs and funnel cake. There's such a nostalgic feeling I get from being at a fair or even just a small festival. It always reminds me of the Septemberfest that happens every year in Louisa. We would spend the weekend watching the long parade (with the very loud fire truck horns), walking around downtown enjoying all the different food vendors, live music, games, and the Hillbilly Choo-Choo. Maybe I can blame this for my deep love for festival food. I have to admit, I do enjoy small, fall festivals much more than the large ones, but any will do!  For the longest time I've been just dying to shoot a session at a fair or carnival. I searched online for dates and found the Lexington Lions Club Bluegrass Fair. Imagine my excitement when one of my favorite families agreed to switch the date of their session just so we could go to the fair and have some fun! They even agreed to eat lots of fair snacks...with much twisting of the arm of course...okay, maybe not too much twisting.

Now you may think this next photo is my favorite. I do smile every time I see it. Smile from "ear to ear". I think it may be in a very close second. Oh you just wait...you'll see.

One of my favorite things about the fair are all the different people. All the stories just walking around. All the interesting faces. MA...please forgive me for the next photo. It is my absolute favorite. I crack up everytime. Now...you must get THIS blown up to hang over the mantel :)