Mud Pies and Fireflies | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lancaster, KY Child and Family Photography}

"That they had fun! I want them to be able to explore the world and not worry about whether or not their clothes get dirty or their hair is in their eyes. I want the skinned knees that come from not being afraid to try something new and to know that mom is there to dust them off and jump in with them if they need me. I once said I wanted my kids to be the ones that would not only make the mud pies, but would eat them too. I want their world to be full of fairies, starry skies, fireflies and dancing in the rain." I stared at those words with tears in my eyes. When I think about what kind of Mother I would be if we are ever blessed with a child, this is what I imagine. These are the things I try to capture in every session. This is what I love about children. This is what I want for every child. That's why when I read J's answer to the question "What do you most want your children to remember about their childhood?" I absolutely melted. What I couldn't put into words, she did. It's perfect. 100% perfect.

J...I hope you see their childhood happiness in these photos. Thank you for being so relaxed and letting them just be....

One last thing...I am hilarious! Really...I am. Here's proof...

Okay...maybe they were laughing at me. Or maybe I wasn't funny and they were laughing with each other. We'll just go with the first one :) Either way...they were happy :)

Peace and much love,