Melt My Heart | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Photographer}

First things first....thank you for reading through all of my typos in my last blog entry! Secondly...I am SO excited for Twilight tonight! Just sayin...I am THAT dorky. Okay...on to more important things. I absolutely cannot believe how fast a year goes by. I first met this family HERE and first met Mr. D that following June when I was so crazy I didn't have a moment to blog! It has been a fun year full of sessions. I have grown close to the family and feel like they're friends instead of just clients. In fact, they're going to help me take care of #72 on my list. I follow their blog and the every day life of D, who truly melts my heart. It made me so sad that was our last session of the year, but as L reminded me, this will certainly not be our last! They make me incredibly happy, as does this session. The last session has definitely turned into my favorite!!!

How does this smile NOT melt your heart? 

Doesn't seem D was having as much fun with this as we were :) there anything cuter than diaper-butt?

You can't see it, but it was at this moment that D patted his knee and I could just hear him thinking "oh yeah...I did I'm relaxin..."

Thank you C family. You make my heart happy. I have loved watching D grow and hope to be there to document it for many years to come.