Music | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Lexington, KY Photographer}

It was a day full of stories of best friends, lots of giggles, a little show and tell, big ol belly laughs, dancing and twirling, singing, and bouncing. I was instantly welcomed into their home with opened arms. No need for anyone to warm up to me. They were instantly comfortable. It may help that one of the first things I asked them to do was jump on the bed. I'm pretty sure I may have given momma a heart attack, but the girls sure did love it! One of my favorite things about this family is how absolutely talented they are and how much they love music. I loved hearing the story of how J and T met at a concert and what Miss I's first concert was while she was still in the womb. T's a musician...actually a member of a very talented band who has opened for many well known rock bands! He has even written and recorded songs for his beautiful girls. I and A love music just as much as Mom and Dad do. Miss A didn't want to put the iphone full of music down. She was just bouncing along. Then when the guitar came out, she couldn't stop looking at it in amazement. I do believe these girls may have a musical career in their futures...

Thanks so much S family for having me in your very beautiful home!

Peace and much love,