Mickey, Burt, Big, and Fun Times | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {KY Family Photographer}

How fast time goes by. I can't believe it's been almost two years ago since the last time I saw this oh so fun family. We joked when leaving this session that J may be 4 the next time I see him. Well, one things for sure, the thing I loved most about this family will never change. That would be their classy, yet funky style and personalities. You can tell just by the very cool locations they chose. Yes...THEY chose! I love it! I'll have to be honest, this is probably one of my top 5 favorite family sessions yet...and I promise it's not just because they fed me pizza (although that could've tipped the scale just a tad). We had a blast melting in the hot sun. J, of course, was as cute as can be and happy the whole time. I've never met a boy who loves cars as much as he does. It was adorable! He was sure to let me know where everyone's car was and who's car we were riding in.

Okay...the coolest pizza place ever, Spinelli's Pizza. The photo on the right just cracks me up and I couldn't resist posting it. Dad's face is like "what have you gotten me into?" and mom's face is all "suck it up. you're getting your picture taken with a naked Burt Reynolds whether you like it or not." Well, maybe that conversation just went on in my head. Scary...I know. Seriously...how many times can one say that they have had their picture taken with such a fine work of art?  That should definitely be on everyone's list of things they have to do before they die. I'm just sayin. And while you're at it...get your fortune told by the cool thing that was on the movie Big. Whatever you do, don't wish to be big...or little for that matter.

Thank you all for the fun fun day! Oh...and for the yummy pizza!

Peace and much love,