Natural | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Berea, KY Photographer}

They were naturals. We spent the whole time laughing and having a great time...despite the very cold wind. It was a quick session...I promised I wouldn't freeze them. This was the first time I heard Z say more than two words. The initial meeting with bride is normally no fun for groomy. When he opened up and started talking, well, he's hilarious. It's meetings like this and sessions like this that make me anxious for the wedding. You ever meet those couples that you can't imagine them apart? When you're with them, you can tell. You can feel how happy they make each other. How much they smile and laugh together, sit and just "be", and lay and cuddle in a patch of grass in down town Berea. Oh wait...that last one probably has nothing to do with how great they are together, but it was pretty funny. does show how great they are together. They didn't question my crazy request. They actually seemed very peaceful laying there and cuddling! So the first image was one of those happy accidents. I wasn't going for this, but when I saw the contrast in the clouds in camera, I fell in love.

Why does this remind me of a little street close to the beach. Oh...the beach. PS...they were fantastic "dippers"!

See how happy they make each other...

And they were even good at breaking out the serious side...

I can't wait until December!