Ducky | Priscilla Baierlein Photography {Nicholasville, KY Photographer}

Meet Little Ducky. Don't you just love that nickname and HER? I mean...just look how precious. I have to admit, when I first email chatted with Mom after the birth, I was a little nervous. Mom prepared me and let me know that Ducky would be in a brace for 6 weeks. For those who've had a session with me, you know that a lot of times I move the little ones around quite a bit and sometimes that involves little legs all curled up. Mom and I both knew that, brace or no brace, this was a time to photograph. I told Mom that it probably wouldn't be like typical sessions, but that's a good thing. I'm so glad we stuck to it. Ducky was an angel. Just so perfect and sweet.  I know she is changing so fast. Those little details just won't be that little for long.

So much love in this family...

Thank you all for opening your home to me during such a special time!

Peace and much love,